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Keep Your Lawn Looking Perfect Year Round

Trying to find hassle-free lawncare and landscaping solutions? Look no further than Yellow Dog Lawncare Services. Our team of trained professionals are prepared with the latest equipment to perform whatever you need.

The best part? You work directly with our owner, Perry. During a one-on-one consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your expectations, the details of your service, and what we can do to ensure you’re 100% satisfied. At the end of the day, we don’t just want a one-time customer, we want a customer for life.


Lawn Mowing

We understand that every lawn is different and requires its own unique care. That's why we offer a variety of mowing & treatments to choose from, so you can customize a maintenance plan that's right for your needs. We also offer flexible scheduling options to fit your busy lifestyle.


Aeration is a process that pokes small holes into your lawn to allow water, air, and nourishment to penetrate turf deeper. This service reduces sod compaction and oxidizes the soil for maximum nutrient absorption—a.k.a. help your grass to growth as fast, healthy, and tall as possible



Mulching is a common and cost-effective solution to a lot of problems you can face with landscaping. We carry a variety of sizes, types, and colors, just to make sure your landscaping looks its best—all while improving moisture retention and reducing soil compaction & erosion.

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Changing seasons bring a ton of debris to your lawn and landscaping. To ensure your yard is free of leaves, dead tree limbs, and weeds, fall & spring cleanups are an absolute must. This deters pests from settling in your plants and allows for better growth throughout your yard.


Hedge or Bush Trimming

We’ve all witnessed just how quickly bushes and hedges can get out of control. Regular trimming maintenance is a guaranteed way to keep your yard looking manicured and healthy. Our professionals used their sharpened skills for maximum precision and beautiful results.


Is your lawn looking dull? Full of bare spots? Thinning by the minute? Overseeding is the perfect way to fix this. No need to rip up your existing lawn—we simply plant grass seeds directly into your existing turf and allow it to take root and grow healthy, lush new grass.


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